Welcome to Peninsula Camera Club

PCC began in 1956 to encourage, foster, promote and advance photography in all its facets through joint effort and participation. The club has a mixture of beginners, experienced amateur and professional photographers. PCC has a high commitment to both the social and learning/teaching aspects of the hobby. Club members are active participants in competition photography at local, National and International exhibitions.
PCC is affiliated with the Photographic Society of Queensland and Australian Photographic Society.

Meetings are held at 7:30 P.M. in the Hall at
Redcliffe Uniting Church, 1 Richens St, Redcliffe.
Generally on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of the month
Visitors welcome.
Contact me directly:
President Gerry Allen 0414 387 005
Email us at pcc@pccincqld.org for further details and an invitation to join us in our clubrooms

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Why Would You Join a Camera Club ?

To advance your Photography skills in a friendly environment with like-minded individuals.
Our fees are just $50 per year ($80 per couple) with a small $3 contribution for each Club Meeting to cover Hall hire and Refreshments.
If you would like to know more please email us at pcc@pccincqld.org for an invitation to visit on one of our Club nights to see if you would like to join.

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October Lenscope is Available

Your October Lenscope is available on the Clubs MPC website
https://peninsula.myphotoclub.com.au/ Our newsletters are on the right hand side

2020 Print Competition – abandoned
Sadly, the few months that we could run the Print competition was not enough to be able to make any awards for this year. Therefore, the MC has decided to abandon the Print competition for 2020.
Note: Any prints that were entered in 2020 will be eligible to be entered in 2021

by Gerry Allen, October 15, 2020

Results for competitions in 2020 PCC Hunt & Shoot

There were 22 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Members can view all images and comment on them by following this link
View / Comment entries in 2020 PCC Hunt & Shoot

Member’s choice voting is available. This just for fun and does not affect the club pointscore. To vote follow the link above.

click here to see a pdf catalog of all competition results

02 Waiting for the Sun
Jeanne Balaam – 1st in Subject
2 The outside of something

Riding Together
Nick Clarke – 1st in Subject
3 Movement

04 Collecting Pollen
Jeanne Balaam – 1st in Subject
4 Up Close

05 Rain Drops
Jeanne Balaam – 1st in Subject
5 Water

06 Green Carpet
Jeanne Balaam – 1st in Subject
6 Something Green

Some Like it Hot
Jenelle De Costa – 1st in Subject
7 Something Hot

Nick Clarke – 1st in Subject
8 Something Cold

09 Pumpkin Soup
Jeanne Balaam – 1st in Subject
9 Human Element

Shifty Roo!
Jill Smith – 1st in Subject
10 Living Creature (other than human)

The Inner Workings Of A PC
Nick Clarke – 1st in Subject
1 The inside of something

Jewelery box
Jeanette Robertson – Runner Up
2 The outside of something

Let’s Play!
Jill Smith – Runner Up
3 Movement

4 UpClose
Joan Cheeseman – Runner Up
4 Up Close

Wave Action
John Quixley – Runner Up
5 Water

Strawberry Splash
5 Water

Jeanete Zanotto – Runner Up
6 Something Green

07 Candle Warmth
Jeanne Balaam – Runner Up
7 Something Hot

Strawberry Icecream
John Quixley – Runner Up
8 Something Cold

9 My Daughters Eye
Ken Cooke – Runner Up
9 Human Element

Making music
Sharon Baker – Runner Up
9 Human Element

10 Chasing the Kid
Jeanne Balaam – Runner Up
10 Living Creature (other than human)

Jeanette Robertson – Runner Up
1 The inside of something

by Gerry Allen, October 9, 2020

2021 Set Subjects and Definitions

The 2021 Set Subjects and Definitions have been added to the Club Documents for your future reference.

by Gerry Allen, October 5, 2020

2021 Set Subjects

January – People
February – Frame Your Image
March – Circles, Rectangles or Triangles
April – Nature
May – Photo Replication
June – Scapes
July – Noir
August – Creative
September – Food
October – My Town

Definitions have been forwarded to all members

by Gerry Allen, September 20, 2020

PCC 2020 Annual Hunt & Shoot Competition

PCC 2020 Hunt & Shoot event @ Your Choice of venue  September 12 @ 7:00 am –to Sep 13 @ 11:45 pm

Details of the PCC Annual Hunt & Shoot event fun activity will be emailed to Members on Friday 11th September

You may take your images over the weekend and upload to My Photo Club web site

All Club members will be invited to vote on their favourite image in the 10 categories via the club MPC site

by Gerry Allen, September 8, 2020

Covid-19 and PCC

Peninsula Camera Club has suspended regular Club based activities until further notice (this also includes Print Competition)
The Club Management Committee is monitoring the situation very closely and Club Members will receive a regular email update with any changes.

In the meantime, we are still continuing with our regular monthly Projected Digital Image competition as normal.
Please submit your Monthly entry via email digital@pccincqld.org
Each month’s judging can be viewed live via a Zoom link emailed to members. Similarly, our Programme nights will be zoomed to our members

Club Outings will be emailed to members as they are arranged

by Gerry Allen, August 13, 2020

Competition Categories

Regular club Photographic competitions are run in the following categories

  • Projected Digital Images (both Colour and Mono)
  • Colour prints
  • Mono (Black & White) prints
  • Creative prints

by Gerry Allen, August 13, 2020

Welcome to this entry portal.

There are a large number of videos on the main MyPhotoClub site that demonstrate the full capability of the system. Click here to go there.

by MyPhotoClub Colin, June 1, 2019