Many thanks to Jeanette Robertson who organised the event – all who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day, also thanks to Nick who assisted last night and provided the final scores for us.

Congratulations to Shelia Crisp who took out the PCC Hunt & Shoot for 2021
All who attended Club last night voted on their favourite images.

Shelia scored an overall total of 78 points.
Ken Cooke was a very close second with 74 points
Ken also won 4 of the individual categories

Winners of the 10 categories were:
RKen Cooke ‘Robyn Gibb’
E Lea Moore ‘Entertainer’
D Ken Cooke ‘Deciduous Vine’
C Sheila Crisp ‘Cross Eyed Car’ equal with Ken Cooke ‘ Calories’
L Gerry Allen ‘Lots of Boxes’
I Anita Blaker ‘Insect’
F Ken Cooke ‘Father Son Duo’
F Sheila Crisp ‘Fry Up’
E Sheila Crisp ‘Exhaust of the Indian’
Image How You Enjoyed the DayGerry Allen ‘Love From Redcliffe’

Congratulations to all and thanks for attending.